To Sponsor Chatham Table Tennis club you have the opportunity to sponsor one of the the Best Table Tennis Clubs in Kent, we have a fantastic Venue in the heart of Kent at the Custom built Howard Centre in Rainham.We cater for a variety of players of all levels from County to playing, ,to keep fit, and have Fun.To Sponsor Chatham Table Tennis club it not only helps with the Financial health of the club but also encourages Younger members to join there local table tennis Club to maybe reach to the level of perhaps a International player and to help with motoring costs etc to away games in the Medway table tennis league new Kit etc etc.We are also happy to see older players of  all ages and encourage them to be the best table tennis players they can be in essence Sponsorship and the money in yields is a very important element to our existance.

Its Easy to Sponsor the Club or you Would like to know more about Sponsorship please do not hesitate to contact the sponsorship Secretary Paul Cullern at [email protected] or Mob-07590-557-168 work at present we have nine sponsors but would be happy to add to them and that could be YOU!!for this you will be included on the front of our Home page on our Website and have a direct link to your Website if you are a business,.and Included in our own club magazine “Batchat”you will also be more than welcome to join us for a friendly game at our Rainham Venue on a Friday night,hope to perhaps hear from you the cost of a years Sponsorship is £75.00.

Our Amazing Sponsors

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