Winter Summers 2013

On Sunday 18st August, for the 13th year since its inception the Winter / Summers Handicap tournament was played. 24 dedicated CTTC players battled all day to try and win the prestigious Winter / Summers Shield. The handicapping process is always a difficult thing to create to get the right balance but it was proved that our organiser on the day Malcolm Kay got it right.

The first round consisted of 6 groups of 4, with the winners and runners-up of each group going into round 2. 12 winners continued in round 2 in the main competition and the remaining 12 were entered for our usual “Consolation” tournament which ran parallel with the main event. Each match consisted of 2 sets up to 31 similar to the Charles Stampe Competition. All players fought hard and as usual some surprise wins resulted.

The Consolation final between Mason O’Neil and Trevor Towers proved challenging but eventually Mason got the better overpowering his opponent and winning.

The main final was indeed a spectacle to watch. Martin Birley verses Evie Foster was going to be a truly remarkable high quality finish to a great days table tennis. Both players put everything they had into the game and you could see the emotions on both their faces. Martin finally managed to overpower Evie to become the victor. All credit to Evie though who continued to push Martin hard right up to the end.

Our newly appointed Club Chairman, Richard Davis, presented the shields including a commemorative medal to each player and all agreed that it had been a good fun event.

Credit should go to all the participants and in particular to those who have not played this competition before for some truly outstanding play. This is a great opportunity for a real challenge before the new league season commences only a few short weeks away.

Our thanks go particularly to Malcolm Kay who organised the groups and handicaps and ran the competition throughout the whole day.

Written By Chris Clark (Club Secretary)


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